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Love and Fear

Kamala Sound - EFT

    What do you feel when you look up to the sky? When we look up at, and think about the sky and space, or even heaven or the Universe, we can have a mix of feelings ranging from

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Opportunities and Definition of Self-Care

Where are these opportunities for Self-Care? They are everywhere. They are all around us every day. Broadening our definition of Self-Care can have a huge impact on how we practice it. Opportunities for Self-Care abound, and if we are mindful

What is self-care to me?

Yesterday I sent out an email through a program that is new to me. The email went out to a group of people who have just started to follow me and my work looking for information and support around wellness

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Self-Care Interview

I had the pleasure of being interviewed for the ‘Dignity Together Against Workplace Bullying’ group. This is an organization working hard on legislative change, but it is also a group focused on support, wellness, and Self-Care. Deb Falzoi is doing

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Self-Care as a revolutionary act: Make it a resolution!

In a time of increased violence, divisiveness,  and fear, Self-Care is as bold a revolutionary act as any. When asking yourself what you can do in response to what is happening in our communities, country, and world, consider Self-Care at

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