African Drumming

“Learning African Drumming was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I didn’t really know anything about the African culture when I signed up for the class at a summer music camp, but I came out having learned more than just a few drumming techniques. Ellen and Andres were amazing teachers, with knowledge that branched through the African and South American cultures and, of course, how drumming and music play a key role in the people of these regions. I still remember all the parts (and there were many of them!) to Fanga, one of my favorite pieces that my class played. This African Drumming experience inspired me to buy my own drum, which I have brought to college with me, and continue to drum on my own. I can’t thank Ellen and Andres enough for opening my eyes to this amazingly musical part of the world”
Tori B., St. Lawrence University ’14

“The drumming classes were very inspirational, and Ellen is a great instructor. I highly recommend the class”.
Mike Sievert, MJS Engineering, PC

“Working with Ellen was inspirational. Mastering the rhythms with a group of people was a fun, challenging, and deeply communal experience. During and after her class, I started hearing music all around me.”
Lily Z., Kenyon College ’14

African Drumming in School

“Ellen came to our school and lead a class in African Drumming for teachers.  It was not only fun but informative, giving guidelines, websites and instruction on African Drumming suitable for the Music teachers as well as teachers in other subjects.

Her workshop was well organized.  We began with Why African Drumming?, learned to play several of the instruments she brought with her (The real drums were much better than our classroom kid-friendly drums!), and had a wonderful discussion on how to incorporate African drumming into any curriculum.  We were also given recommendations for purchasing instruments.

We left the workshop relaxed, joyful (I think you could also label this as Music Therapy!) and excited about adding this to our music curriculum.  The 8th grade General Music teacher at our  school has done just that.  I recommend her workshops and the addition of African drumming to the curriculum.”
Catherine Hammon, M. Ed.

Department of Music
Cooperative Middle School, Stratham, NH


“Ellen has a rare talent in a teacher: knowing the exact balance between instructing and encouraging. Beyond the obvious mastery of her subject and how to teach it, she is finely tuned to her students. As a consequence, we each get the guidance we need, despite being at vastly different skill and experience levels. As an older adult beginner, I am amazed at and grateful for her endless patience. Ellen is a bright light in the world who gives her lucky students much more than music lessons.”
Alex H., adult flute student

“Every private lesson I change dramatically in my flute playing ability. I can never thank you enough. You have truly changed me.”
Rachel B., high school student

“Ellen first began giving me flute lessons six years ago. Other flute teachers that I’ve had have pushed my playing to the point where I didn’t want to do it anymore. Ellen gave me tools so that I could see the potential that I have, and how to work with that potential. and see the ways that dedicating myself to music can help me grow and mature as a person You always taught me to embrace the music, not perfect it and make it mechanical, and through that, my passion for music always grew, it never dimmed out like it did with other teachers that I have had.”
Madison W-H., music technology major, NYU ’13

“This is my daughter’s 5th year with Ellen and she would like Ellen to be part of her life beyond the high school years. Ellen’s pupils achieve growth through her ability to intertwine music with the mind, body, and soul. She teaches that the whole picture of oneself is important in being successful in music and life beyond the instrument. Her love for the arts shows with her dedication to each of her students and I couldn’t be happier with what we have gotten from this awesome individual so far!”
Marny K., mother of a student

“When you go to have a lesson with Ellen, you know it is not just a lesson to learn about hitting the correct notes, playing the right rhythms, or even playing in tune. She brings out the intricacy and beauty of the instrument through her love of music. She teaches that learning to play an instrument goes beyond reading the music, but involves seeing within oneself and engaging the mind, body, and spirit. This is my 5th year as a student of Ellen’s, and I look forward to sharing what I’ve learning and gaining knowledge of my flute every week!”
Sarah K., high school sophomore

Flute Masterclasses

(anonymous evaluations)

“I think this was a wonderful class and that you’re an amazing teacher. I really hope that, when I become a music teacher, my students find me as inspiring as I find you.”
high school master class student at music camp

“I really enjoyed this class and having Ellen as a teacher. She seemed to always take an interest in every individual and was an excellent teacher.”
high school master class student

“Thank you for teaching all of us so much, and teaching me things that I never knew I could do before. I feel like I’ve gotten techniques that I can use to become a much better player. Thank you.”
junior high school master class student

“Ellen was the best teacher I have had so far. I really connected with her and she had great ways of explaining things so I really got them.”
junior high student

Reconnective Healing

“I had sensations around my head, feeling expansion-was trying to connect to an expanding ‘field’ around my head. I felt disoriented and tried to bring ‘expansion’ feeling down through my body”

“Felt like I was all the lightness/the water ‘above’ everything else, which was the heaviest. Felt settled. Evenness.”

“Some really interesting things have happened since. This is good. It seems like it’s been a lot longer than two days. It feels that I’ve been on fast-forward toward understanding, especially of my recent relationship that ended. Hard to explain in words, but feels ‘right’. It feels like my path, my work, living in a very high place, that I’m closer to it. I’ve been pushing, pushing, pushing to be in my body and be in a loving, peaceful place and working towards this place. Now I am on fast forward. I am getting deep insights into connection with others and myself, and my vulnerability with myself.”
Pam B., called 2 days after first healing

“I felt like I was being wrapped up like a baby in a blanket. I had an intense body experience, a rush through my body. I talked to my uncle, who died 6 months ago. I have a lot of grief and wish I could speak to him more often, so this was nice.”
Jennifer N., APRN

“Just a few weeks away from giving birth, my baby suddenly moved into breech position. If the baby did not return to the correct position for giving birth I would end up with a c-section. Ellen did a healing session with me and my unborn baby girl, I meditated and massaged my belly in the days to come, and in a few days the baby moved by itself back to where she should be. I’m positive that the healing and communication with the baby helped me have a healthy birth, and strengthened the bond I share with my daughter today.”
Trine F.R.

Wellness Workshops

(anonymous evaluations)

Stress management/Work Life Balance

“I learned a lot about how I can properly manage my stress.”

“I will create more organization to find time to do the things I want to do.”

“This was an eye-opener for me. I realized I don’t have to be perfect. I can let go of things less important.”

“I want to bring all of this back to my agency. I think the people I work with would love it.”

“I need to make some changes in my life and this workshop gave me ideas-exercise, me time, eating better. Thank you, it was fabulous.”

Process of Change workshop

As a result of attending this workshop I intend to:

“Overcome my fear of being successful. I will be working every day on some small step.”

“I will be more confident.”

“I will quit smoking.”

“I will lose 50 pounds.”

“This workshop gave me ideas that I will keep in mind throughout my life.”

Stress Management/Meditation/Work Life Balance

“I would like to see Ellen present more things. She was very knowledgeable and a lot of fun.”

“Very professional and informative and fun class. A lot of good ideas.”

“Enthusiastic, organized, and informative.”

“Great presentation delivered in an organized fashion.”

“I plan to apply more of the facts I’ve learned in this workshop to my everyday life.”

“I plan to practice stress management techniques, balancing home and work. I will communicate more often, calmly, and rationally to help solve or resolve issues.”

“I really loved the meditation and breathing practices. Also, I am going to try and write my goals down more and be more aware of what makes me stressed. Overall I loved it and I learned a lot and hope to gain more knowledge on this subject.”

“As a result of attending this workshop I will do the relaxation techniques. When we did these in the class I felt so much better. The breathing was great. You made me feel so much more aware.”

“Thanks for showing all of us how to keep ourselves at the best we can be during this stressful time. Very informative and I learned a lot.”


“A few years ago a close family member of mine passed away and I was very torn about whether to fly overseas in time for the funeral or not. Using EFT, Ellen was able to help me, in this difficult time of grief, to make the right decision and pinpoint what my fears and worries were all about.”
Trine F.R.

Mindfulness Workshops

“Our partnership definitely allowed for some growth in how I view the career transition process. I feel like I am in a better place now as a result of our discussions and my reflections. Although I am still going to have those moments of doubt and frustration, the grounding exercises will be put to use. To be honest, I like getting the “homework” for it keeps me focused. Setting goals is very important with each meeting, so if a directive is needed to keep the client and coach on a clear path together, I support that. So, once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time out to advise me. Your professional direction has inspired me so much for it somewhat mirrors my focus.”
C. Delaney, coaching client

“Your coaching really did get me jumpstarted into finding something ideal and fulfilling.”
C. Delaney, 8 months later

“You are able to identify very quickly in our sessions what will help me and you have been able to let me see some of my behavior patterns in a different light.  You really listen and are able to process information/ what I say very quickly.  I have been in psychotherapy for 10 years and I am impressed with how you are able to ‘move’ through a session with such grace and accuracy. I normally have trouble between my therapy sessions taking time for myself and helping myself feel better.  This is the first time I have really had the feeling of wanting to move forward and try my ‘homework assignments’ such as trying guided meditation for the first time.”
W.Nichols, coaching client