Workplace Wellness

"Organizations that provide employees with resources to adopt healthy lifestyles achieve lower health care costs, higher productivity and healthier bottom lines."- Marie-Josée Salvas, Positive Psychology News Daily, from ("Psychologically Healthy Workplace Conference 2010:Building the Business Case for Employee Well-Being," March 15, 2010)

Are you positioned to succeed in today’s competitive market? Your employees are your most valuable asset – your ambassadors, your pacesetters, your inventors. Are they fit for the job?

Give your staff the tools they need to succeed. Have you had a Wellness Assessment to determine whether you are meeting needs and goals? Have you considered your values as an employer? Are you walking your wellness talk?

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Mastering Self-Care

Our work stressors and demands and the lack of focus and support around Self-Care has made it difficult for helping professionals to practice Self-Care in a sustained and meaningful way.

helping professionals

  • work longer hours
  • have more clients
  • are faced with
    • increased need of an aging population
    • a growing opioid addiction epidemic
    • school shootings that are in the daily news

just to name a few tangible stressors.

Helping professionals are on the front lines of all of this.

According to the American Psychological Association and their 2017 report, 65% of US employed adults cite work as a primary source of stress.

A Commitment

I believe that our society is teetering on the brink between wellness and dis-ease. And unless caregiving professionals learn how to take care of ourselves, things are not going to get better. But my Self-Care program is designed to do exactly that: make things better—for all of us!

Work environments, supervisors, and policies need to support wellness and support employee's intentions, efforts, and goals for Self-Care. This is a system-wide change effort. Individuals cannot be responsible for their own Self-Care in a vacuum. If an employer or work environment is not set up under the umbrella of wellness, and tolerates a system that is not sustainable, employees will have a hard time meeting their own Self-Care goals.

What do your organization and your employees need?

Here is how to work with me:

  • Organizational wellness consulting
  • One and two-day  employee in-services
  • Online webinars
  • 6-week LIVE online course
  • Strategic self-care group coaching to enhance the trainings

Contact Ellen to set up a package that is right for you!

"For every dollar spent on a Corporate Wellness Program, the returns have been cost savings of between $2.30 and $10.10 in the areas of decreased absenteeism, fewer sick days, reduced WSIB/WCB (workers compensation) claims, lowered health and insurance costs, and improvements to employee performance and productivity."

-Natural Healthcare,

With increasing evidence that supports the need for workplace wellness programs, more companies are implementing health and wellness strategies to

  • reduce absenteeism
  • increase productivity
  • reduce use of health care benefits
  • increase morale and loyalty

Successful workplace wellness programs:

  • have CEO support
  • have a designated program leader
  • stem from an employee interest survey
  • are an ongoing part of offered inservices
  • use evaluation tools to improve offerings
  • are offered to employees as an important company benefit

According to the ‘Workplace Wellness Program Return on Investment Alliance’, self-care programs should be part of an organization-offered worker workplace Wellness program.

Ellen's self-care professional development trainings can be specially designed to meet your company’s unique needs, but all trainings will cover:

Pillar 1Define Self-Care

Pillar 2Write a Values Statement

Pillar 3Make a Self-Care Plan

Pillar 4Recognize Impairment and Focus on Prevention

Pillar 5Support Others in Their Self-Care Plans

Over 25 years, I have studied and practiced self-care. I will work with your employees to establish a sustainable and sustained self-care practice.

"I really loved the meditation and breathing practices. Also, I am going to try and write my goals down more and be more aware of what makes me stressed. Overall I loved it and I learned a lot and hope to gain more knowledge on this subject."