Revolutionize Your Self-Care – community coaching program

Discover your worth and commitment to being well in order to find clarity and confidence to be grounded, balanced, and engaged in your life.

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I know you want to get back to your core balance and a life where you are thriving and focusing on your well-being so that you can be your best-self and give your unique gifts to the world.

Are you experiencing any of these common experiences?

  • Increased busyness

  • Disappearing balance

  • Dis-ease in your life or work

  • Diminishing energy and vitality

You do not need to live in a state of dis-ease.

If you are like many who are seeking a way towards healthy living through self-improvement there is not a moment more to wait.


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This Revolution is about mindfulnesscompassionintention, and love. Many people understand that they must practice Self-Care, but don’t know where to begin or how to sustain their practice. Join this program to learn the how for establishing Self-Care as a permanent and important part of your every-day life.

My promise to you is that through this community coaching program, you will gain confidence, inspiration, tools, and structure to practice and maintain self-care so that you can step off the merry-go-round of busy and exhaustion and move mindfully into

  •          hope

  •          resilience

  •          stability

  •          wellness

  •          love for yourself and for others

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My own transformational journey

About Kamala Sound

I have been on my own path of Self-Care, wellness, and healing for more than thirty years, following an early childhood with a mix of wonderful love and opportunities and also significant stress and trauma.

In response to this environment, I spent a lot of time thinking about these two opposing experiences coexisting and what it meant. I thought a lot about relationships and human behavior and wellness and spirituality and what I believed about it all. I also ruminated on social justice issues like poverty, violence, and disease, and why people might experience these. I spent hours lying in bed as a child thinking about these concepts and acting them out by myself, taking on different roles and creating new possibilities.

I had nightmares that made me scared and tired, and I decided I would need to change this by learning to control my dreams. I practiced lucid dreaming and was able to actively change what was happening in my nightmares and, therefore, change the narrative and experience I was having. This translated into my waking life as well and empowered me.

I didn’t know through all of this that I was practicing Self-Care, but that’s what it was.

I also got sick both physically and emotionally and began a biofeedback and guided imagery program at the age of sixteen, after being diagnosed with infectious mononucleosis, chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome, fibromyalgia, and depression. This was my first experience with meditation and learning to mindfully be aware of my body and my body’s response to my mind. I started going to acupuncture three times a week and was taking herbs and learning more about a natural way of healing.

My very early path of search and discovery eventually led me to a master’s degree in social work, a professional coaching certificate, a ministerial degree, and expertise in several healing modalities. I have worked in universities, private schools, nonprofit organizations, public schools, and with my own business, and all of my life’s work and my formal education has a foundation of wellness and Self-Care. My portfolio of teaching and coaching is broad-ranging. It includes music, human behavior, therapeutic modalities, community organizing and change, diversity and inclusivity, parenting, nutrition, stress management, change and growth, mindfulness, meditation, and Self-Care itself. My social work code of ethics requires me to practice Self-Care. My social work, teaching, and coaching require me to be a leader and a model. I believe this path of wellness and Self-Care and love is one of the most important and foundational directions we can walk to change the course of fear and violence we are on right now.

Why should I join this community?





**Wisdom of the collective

**Collaborative and safe space

                                      **It will be YOUR community

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“I worked with Ellen during a process of great transition. I needed help finding out how to balance my life. She did an amazing job of listening and helping me to see how much extra pressure I was putting on myself. She was incredibly knowledgeable and gentle with her approach. I couldn’t believe how much things had shifted by the end of my work with her. I was putting so much energy into things that didn’t really mean much to me, and if I hadn’t worked with Ellen, I would have continued to be focused on the wrong things. I feel so much freedom in my life because I took the time to seek help from someone who has a wonderful gift. I’m so grateful I found Ellen.”  - Kelly McArdle







Jenny Florence

Re: my book, SELF-CARE REVOLUTION: 5 Pillars to Prevent Burnout and Build Sustainable Resilience for Helping Professionals


“Intelligent ... Relevant ... and Practical! Ellen skillfully leads us on a journey of Self-Evaluation, mindfully highlighting the conflicts faced by caring people working in demanding and pressured environments.”
Jenny Florence, Accredited Counsellor and Author, BACP, UKRC









"You were so good with language, active listening, and at utterly tamping down whatever energetic challenges of your own may have been percolating." - Shayne Kevin





What do I get for my nominal $75/month investment?

YOUR Coaching Community includes...


2    45-minute LIVE group coaching video calls per month that each include a:

           strengths-based, creative focus on one coaching topic

           guided mindfulness meditation

           guided goal setting


           These video calls will be recorded and available to you at all times

Bi-weekly accountability emails re: your individual self-care goals

Private Facebook community with access to activities and handouts not offered in my newsletters or free Facebook group

Occasional interviews and conversations with guest speakers on requested wellness topics

A strengths-based approach to this work. We are not focusing on anyone's deficits, but on your unique strengths and insights into how you function and what you need. You are the expert. I will be your guide. 

Suggested action steps, tips, and fresh ideas

Special access to discounts for any individual coaching packages and future offerings, including my 6-week online course


Cheerleading and support from me every step of the way!



Terms: This is a simple monthly subscription. Sign up for $75/month. Cancel at any time. Access to discounts for other programs is restricted to when you are actively subscribed to this coaching community.


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