"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Self-Care Coaching

Do you want to feel balanced and grounded?

Do you want to be thriving rather than surviving?

Do you want to be free from fear and full of love and self-compassion?

It's time to fit your life and work into your wellness. Join me for individual or group coaching and set up your sustained and sustainable self-care practice. All packages start with these 5 Pillars:

Pillar 1Define Self-Care

Pillar 2Write a Values Statement

Pillar 3Make a Self-Care Plan

Pillar 4Recognize Impairment and Focus on Prevention

Pillar 5Support Others in Their Self-Care Plans

6-week, 3-month, and 6-month packages available for individuals or groups

"I worked with Ellen while I was in the process of a big life transition. I needed help finding out how to balance my life.  She did an amazing job of listening and helping me to see just how much extra pressure I was putting on myself.  She was so incredibly knowledgeable and gentle with her approach.  I gained incredible insight from her.  At the end of our sessions, I was asked to create a list of my priorities.  I couldn’t believe how much things had shifted by the end of my work with her.  I realized that the one goal I thought was most important at the beginning  ended up being at the bottom of my priority list.  I was putting so much energy into things that didn’t really mean much to me and if I hadn’t spent my time really talking about it with her, I would have continued to be focused on the wrong things.  This year I have felt so much freedom in my life because I took the time to seek help from someone who has a wonderful gift.  I’m so grateful I found Ellen."

-K. McArdle

Life and Spiritual Coaching

Gain clarity on your life. As your coach, I partner with you to define your most fulfilling life, one in which you are engaging your passion, talents, and best skill sets. Using life management strategies and tools, we work together to build on your strengths, challenge beliefs that limit you, and co-create the path that leads you into the life you want.

Do you…

  • Have a life dream that you want to realize?
  • Feel like something is missing?
  • Have a goal that you want to achieve?
  • Feel like your life could use some balance?
Find your spirit. Find your rhythm. Find your life.

Realize your full potential as a human being. The coaching process invites you to identify your priorities and values and bring your professional and personal life into alignment with those priorities and values.

We were never meant to do this by ourselves. Having an ‘outside’ person that is working for you and with you and is on your side is an invaluable opportunity to find your truth and propel you onto your unique path.

Discover Your True Self

"Your coaching really did get me jumpstarted into finding something ideal and fulfilling."

-Cathleen D, coaching client

You are the only one who really knows who you are and what you want. I facilitate your process by offering illumination that allows you to see yourself with a different lens. Stress management tools – such as mindfulness, meditation, journal writing, EFT and music – help you hear your own intuition. The answers you already know surface.

By nurturing your strengths, we encourage you to grow in a direction that is most meaningful for you.

I am committed to your success. Since 1994, I have guided hundreds of students, adolescents, adults and families in reaching their creative potential and making healthy life choices.

Nurture Your Self

"You are able to identify very quickly what will help me and you have been able to let me see some of my behavior patterns in a different light."

-Wendy N., coaching client

This is your opportunity. Working with a coach means making a commitment to yourself to be who you want to be. It means taking responsibility and holding yourself accountable. It means learning to set goals and learning strategies to reach them.

I invite you to invest in yourself today. Why wait? If you don’t invest in yourself, who will?

Coaching sessions: either by telephone, face-to-face, or via webcam. They include note taking and a follow-up email with the notes from the session. This allows you to see some of your own words and your own thoughts and your identified goal(s). It helps with perspective and accountability. It also helps to see progress over time. Email support and a Facebook group are also available for some coaching packages.
I use EFT in my individual coaching as well. Please check out the EFT page for more information.

Call or email now to learn more! Read some coaching testimonials.

"[Coaching promotes] living life by design, not by default"

-Carlotta Tyler, professional coach and teacher